Carey Hedges

Carey has worked in a variety of administration and secretarial positions throughout her career and has experience within many industries including Allied Health and Financial sectors. Carey lived and worked in London and Australia before finally settling in Christchurch approximately 17 years ago. Carey has experienced the design process herself being involved in the building … Continued

Jenna Hayes

Jenna is an aspiring, young designer. Recently graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design, her career is only beginning but her practical and academic knowledge already gained within the industry allows for her imagination and passion for interior design to be brought to life.

Jo Pennycuick

Jo founded Redesign in 1998. Starting as a freelance operator, Jo has built the company into a leading design practice with work in many regions around the world. Jo is committed to each client with a personal drive for fulfilling every requirement on every project. Known for her professionalism, creativity and strong management style this … Continued