Redesign has a series of stages that we offer. We are very focused on the process that can be adapted to suit many factors including budget, programme and opening dates.

We work with you to ensure that the design intent is carried through from concept to construction. We follow the process of each project to ensure that our design is built to match the intent. A checklist is used to generate the full scope that we is agreed at the start of the project.

Stage 1: Design Brief and Analysis

This stage is to establish a brief and direction for your project. We will carry out a series of meetings with you to ensure that each viewpoint is captured. The brief will include the following:

  • Site assessment – if there is an existing site that you wish to develop we will look carry out a site check or assess the information provided by the client and landlord.
  • Research from both client and redesign to establish the direction of the concept and logo, target markets i.e. 18-40yrs, direction of the store by way of design intent.
  • Where do you see your brand placed in the market. Competitors and point of difference.
  • Do you see your brand being developed into a franchise model.
  • Equipment and furniture preference.



Stage 2: Concept Design

Once the Design brief has been signed off by both parties, Redesign will produce the following information:

  • Rendered floor plan showing the master planning for the site.
  • Renders of the interior and exterior with all new furniture, finishes and signage implemented.
  • Sample and finishes boards to show design intent.


 Stage 3: Brand Development

It is important to reflect a strong brand for the new venture. Our in house graphics team will develop in conjunction with the interior design teams the logo and brand direction. It is important to have this running concurrently so both elements can link together into the final design.

  • Provision of logo options for review. This includes the colour and logo mark, font and options on backgrounds.
  • Development of brand collateral, packaging, uniforms, vehicle design and merchandising.



Stage 4: Detailed Documentation

This stage is to implement the concept design into an actual site Documentation deliverables include:

  • Floor plans showing full dimensioning, floor finishes, wall finishes and furniture layouts.
  • Elevations of all walls and built in joinery.
  • Reflected Ceiling plan showing finish to the ceilings, ceiling features and lighting layouts.
  • Joinery both loose and built in for construction.
  • Equipment layout showing loadings for electrical, plumbing requirements.
  • Schematic electrical, data and plumbing layouts for local engineers to confirm prior to lodging with local authorities.
  • Interior and exterior signage documentation.



Stage 5: Tender Submission and Project liaison

This stage is to offer the services to tender and oversee the project liaison of the project.

Redesign will liaise with the contractors during the course of the tender process. Once the tender pricing has been received Redesign will review with the client and appoint on your behalf.

We would prefer to work with local contractors to project management the project from start to completion. Full liaison with the contractors will be maintained for the duration of the contract to ensure the design integrity is maintained.

Our local office representatives will oversee the construction of the contract to completion in a project liaison role– not day to day project management.