Christchurch, New Zealand. Completed July 2015.

‘Kannangara Thomson’ provides up to date legal services to clients throughout Canterbury. A calm relaxing yet professional space has been designed with the use of a soft tonal colour palette using the Kannangara Thomson branding colours and logo pattern for brand reinforcement. The design incorporates open work spaces and offices with full height glazing providing an open plan feel to the space whilst the frosted sections and screens provide privacy for each staff member. Meeting rooms stand separate to the office area and can be used for more private meetings.

Level 3 also accommodates a staffroom which has been designed to also facilitate training sessions, larger meetings and functions with built in joinery, tv screen and writable glass panelling and full kitchen. Workstations are broken up with the use of soft timbers and planters, adding to the softness and warmth of the space whilst full height cabinetry behind provides generous storage for filing and stationery. Full height glazing into the perimeter offices allows natural light into the central workstation area.